Created Saturday 18 August 2018


This is the homepage for Saxtalk, a website dedicated to the best musical instrument ever created, the saxophone. Saxtalk was created using Zim, a free software desktop wiki program.


Backlinks: Home:0000 Purpose Home:0001 Templates Home:0001 Templates:generic page template Home:0002 Objectives Home:0002 Objectives:obj0000 Introduce the saxophone. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0001 Discuss saxophone history. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0002 Discuss saxophone hardware. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0003 Discuss keys - Aminor-Cmajor. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0004 Discuss keys - Eminor-Gmajor. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0005 Discuss keys - Bminor-Dmajor. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0006 Discuss keys - F♯minor-Amajor. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0007 Discuss keys - C♯minor-Emajor. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0008 Discuss keys - G♯minor-Bmajor. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0009 Discuss keys - D♯minor-F♯major. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0010 Discuss keys - A♯minor-C♯major. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0011 Discuss keys - Fminor-A♭major. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0012 Discuss keys -CminorE♭major. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0013 Discuss keys - Gminor-B♭major. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0014 Discuss keys - Dminor-Fmajor. Home:0002 Objectives:obj0015 Discuss saxophone software. Home:0003 Useful Items